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3D Imaging Using Cone Beam Technology
Portland, OR

Doctor examining an x-ray with a patientAt Radakovich Oral Surgery, our Vatech Pax Revo CT system gives our practice state-of-the-art technology and provides treatment with utmost confidence. We realize that the “Vatech Pax Revo CT system” is quite a mouthful, so we want to make sure we can break down what it is and how it works to help save your teeth.

X-rays – Past vs. Present

You are certainly familiar with x-rays, a technology that allows us to peer into the bone structure of your body. X-ray technology of the past was clumsy, slow, and emitted a decent amount of radiation. Twenty years ago, when you sat down in a dental practice to have an x-ray done, they fitted you with a big clunky vest, filled with lead to protect you from the radiation that the machine put out. Once they took the x-rays there was a wait before the dental professional could view the actual x-rays, this was because they had to be developed like pictures in an analog camera. If the x-ray turned out poorly, they had to be re-taken, which could be time consuming.

Today we can take advantage of digital x-ray technology that does away with all of the inconveniences of the past. Radiation output is cut by 80%, exposing you to a very minimal amount of radiation. There is no wait time for x-rays to be developed. Instead, we can view x-rays immediately in high definition on a computer monitor right in front of the patient.

What is cone beam technology?

Cone beam technology is an even more specialized version of a digital x-ray machine. Our Vatech Pax Revo Cone Beam 3D Imager allows us to focus very closely on the mouth and can provide a detailed 3-dimensional image of any portion of your mouth that we desire. Using this image, we can see every detail of your mouth, including both soft and hard tissues. We can plan a huge variety of procedures using this image.

What does the cone beam scanner look like?

The scanner doesn’t look like a normal x-ray machine. It’s a tall, floor-standing pedestal that can vary in height depending on who we are scanning and how tall they are. It has an arm coming off the top of the pedestal with an arm extending downward. You will be instructed to stand between the pedestal and arm. The arm will rotate around your head in a horizontal circle, scanning your mouth while it moves.

Using this machine, we are able to scan a clear and accurate portion of your mouth, exactly where we intend to. This will limit the amount of radiation that you are exposed to, which is already dramatically lower than a traditional x-ray machine.

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